Tuesday, February 1, 2011



4x200 white
6x200 pink
6x200 red
4x200 dec w to b

post how you did on the final 4... where you able to get down to your blue pace on the end?
also post the three things we worked on with turns


  1. hit paces on final four
    turns: pulling into turn with arm, eyes travel down wall on approach, pull with bottom arm after streamline

  2. Got to my blue pace.
    pulling into turn, moving eyes toward bottom, keep your head in front of arm on last stroke into turn

  3. Willa:

    Hit paces on the final 4

    Turns: Letting your eyes travel down the wall, pulling yourself into the turn, pulling with your bottom arm after streamlining

  4. missed the red and blue by about 2 seconds each
    Pulling into the tuns, having your eyes move down the wall and using the bottom arm for your first stroke after the turn