Friday, November 5, 2010

11-5 through 11-7-10

Fall Fastival

Post one event result for each session with something you learned about how to swim the race or how to better train for it.


  1. In the 1650 I swam well, but I botched a lot of the turns. I need to work on making my turns stronger and faster

  2. 400IM:4:28:Faster breastroke and freestyle on the end.
    200Fly:2:10:Go 33 or faster on the last 3 50's.
    200Breast:2:21:faster tempo

  3. In the 200 free I swam alright with a 158 but afterwards I saw my splits and noticed I could have gone out faster on the first hundred or even fifty. I think I need to work on going out faster.

  4. 400 im (444) work on breast split and down kick free
    100 back (105) work tempo
    100 fly (103) work double kick and walls

  5. Willa:
    400 IM: faster breast split by working walls
    100 Breast: being able to get out in the first 50
    100 Fly: better walls

  6. 400 IM: tempo the backstroke
    100+200 bk: kick farther off of walls
    200 fly: 2 kicks with long forward arms

  7. 400 IM: take it out harder
    200 IM: tempo the backstroke
    1650: countermoves

  8. 200 Fly 209-DQ
    I need to do more full stroke fly working on keeping my toes together and less one arm fly which seems to promote flutter kicking